Celebrate “International Jazz Day” with the best music in Tenerife

The streets of the city of La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) will be flooded with good music this Sunday, April 30, to celebrate International Jazz Day. In November 2011, UNESCO proclaimed this special date with the aim of raising awareness among the general public about the virtues of jazz music as an educational tool […]

The ARRASATE Musikal Big Band arrives in Tenerife from the Basque Country

Para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz, hoy aterriza en Tenerife la Arrasate Musikal Big Band con una propuesta musical sugerente y un repertorio donde podemos encontrar temas de blues, swing, latin, bossaor funk. During their stay on the island, this Big band will offer two concerts: The Arrasate Musikal Big Band was born in […]